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What we do

Allagarta provides the support you need to put on a successful live event.
Live Production
Our production team provides the gear and handles the video and audio, leaving you free to focus on the bigger picture - or what your next line is.
Broadcast Graphics
We create dynamic overlays tailored to your event. Need to show raid stats, tournament standings, or details on what that ult does? We can build that for you.
Event Logistics
We knows what it takes to make an event successful. Our team can work with you throughout the planning process, and on-site we're ready to make sure everyone is where they need to be.
Don't have a vibe in mind? Our team can tailor your event's look and feel to whatever you're presenting - or expand on what you've already come up with.
Are you a streamer looking to improve their setup or a tournament wondering what they need to go live? We'll recommend you some new gear, help you set it up, and walk you through the first broadcast.

What we've done

Who we are

Allagarta Events Team is Corvimae, AChocolateOrange, and frozenflygone.

The team has worked together on Games Done Quick, Frame Fatales, and Celeste Community events.

With vast experience working charity speedrunning events, the trio understands how to market to a wide gaming audience, create a broadcast schedule that aligns with event goals, and maintain smooth and focused content.

Contact us

If you're interested in contracting Allagarta for any of our services, please email us.